Sunday, May 23, 2010

Excuse me, Do I know YOU?

Go ahead.
Cuss at me for being away. What can I say? I've been pretty busy. I won't go into too many details now but I will give you a super quick recap....complete with pics!
Here We Go....
We all know Devyn played football and I believe he did a damn good job playing for his first time. (It also helps that he looks so cute in his uniform).

Miah and Devyn both played Basketball and they kicked ass. I'm not just saying that cause I'm their momma!! (ok, we all know I'm biased)

YES!! I had to buy the most expensive package!


Then, they moved on to Softball/Baseball!

Taking Miah to her game.

Daddy is there for his little girl!

Devyn is there to support his sister before his own game in the next field.

Where's Dom?
Right here:

He happened to catch up with his long lost cousin.
I don't have any pics of Dom playing sports because he doesn't classify himself as an "athlete". He's a "musician" or "rocker" or "artist" or something....
AND...I still love him.

He has just gotten a fresh haircut and he's not to happy about it. I'm glad the day and age of throwing fits has been looooong over!

My dog Chupa passed away around Easter. He was hit by a police car late at night and the cop didn't even stop. I was asleep and Angel was up when it happened. He buried poor Chupa and told me about it in the morning. I was devastated. I miss him. He was the best dog ever!

Now we have this new puppy. His name is Zeus. Why did put a pic of him up here like this instead of one that is with him posing like a good little dog?
Because, this is how he is everytime I see him.

Angel and I are still going strong.
We went to shoot pool and of course, I won't mention who won *cough*me*cough* but we had a great time.

So, that's it for now folks. I'm trying to figure out how to put a countdown timer on here because I'm counting down the time until I go on vacation to see my brother this summer in NY.
It's gonna be fun. Never been fishing in NY and guess who's super excited about that and is trying to use this as an excuse to buy new rods and reels?
Yeah, you know who.
P.S. Guess who wrote in his blog...unprompted....


Mom Taxi Julie said...

So sorry you lost your doggie!! You have some bad luck there, must be a pretty busy road :(

We've been real busy lately. Trevor has ONE MORE game left and I think one more practice.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

wow...this is proof i should read down to up. and not up to down. i knew devyn was turning into a all sport athlete. that's great. and miah playing is great too. i thought she'd be the rocker seeing how she's always sporting the devil horns. lol.

i'm sorry to hear about your dog. i may not be a animal lover, but i think that's awful the way he died. and yanno i hate the police anyway.

glad angel is still beating you at pool. glad you and the family have been doing good. hate that it's taken you a million and twelve years to let us know that tho. lol.