Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm BACK!!! I think....

So we've heard this song and seen this dance plenty of time before. I know. I have no excuses so I won't make up any.

I've been very busy (does that sound like an excuse?) Well, I'm not trying to make it one. It's the truth.

Between work and juggling 2 kids playing 2 sports, it's been crazy.

For some time, we only had Devyn in sports playing baseball and football. But since basketball has started, we included Miah in the sports. She is a real trooper. She runs A LOT. I don't see how she does it. I'm tired just watching her.
So there we have 2 kids in sports. Both Devyn and Miah in basketball.

Well, just recently (literally, like these past 2 days) the coaches for baseball and softball have called to set up practice.

SOOOO, Miah and Devyn are currently practicing/playing baskeball and practice for baseball/softball.

It's awesome. I can't wait to be at the games again cheering them both on.

I'm also planning a mini vacation to San Antonio/New Braunfels and hopefully if I have time to Austin. I'm taking the kids.

I KNOW, I vacation?

It doesn't seem to be meshing well together, but I have a master plan for the times I plan on going out. That plan is....DOMINIQUE.
He could use the extra money.

I plan on visiting any and all old classmates I can get a hold of.

So, if you are reading this and want to hang out, leave me a message.

My old blogging buddies, sorry. I'm gonna come and see what's up with you guys.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

I'm right there with you! Trevor is doing t ball and Jessica is doing softball for school along with the spanish lip synch thing that has practice all the time (TG that's over on Saturday!). Add work and trying to have clean underware and I'm wiped out!

Cyn said...

Its about damn time chica! I know, I know... I havent blogged yet... but IVE BEEN BUSY lol. You know how it is.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I miss your blog!!! Comeeee backkkkk