Thursday, January 12, 2012


Christmas came and went last year and at work there is only one person who likes to decorate and celebrate the way I do. Her name is Lissa. She was going on and on about how shes "The Decorator" and how she's the shit.
Well...if you know me, I'm always up for a challenge. So I tell her, "Oh YEAH? Let's have a contest". We tried to get the whole office staff of 11 people involved but everyone else, besides one other guy whose name is Roque, considered the contest unworthy of participation.


I'm on it!

I didn't get a pic of her office by the time Christmas rolled around but I can say it was/is "cute".
MINE on the other hand was "THE SHIT"!
She'd walk by my "area" (cause I really didn't have an "office" per se) and I would taunt her by saying, "Wacha think about THAT Lisssssaaaaaaa" and "Wacha got NOW, girliieeeeee?"
She would chuckle out loud but I knew she was SKERD!

So here's what I did:

Go ahead.

Say it.

I'm THA SHIT, Right!

Yeah, I know.

Now that the new year is here and Santa's job is over. I'm smart enough to know that there's no Santa in the North Pole. C'mon, a white bearded man in a shop with elves working on making toys? Who would believe that nonsense? Pfft.


Santa is actually roaming the streets of McAllen.

It's too hot for his reindeer to take him anywhere in this valley weather. This isn't exactly "winter weather" they don't like the heat. They like the arctic cold so they leave Santa to fend for himself.

Too bad, Santa, too bad.

Moving on...

So We're moving on to the next holiday which is Valentine's Day and guess what?


Here's what I got so far:

Oh yeah, Baby! Lissa is going DOWN!!!

Here I have my interior decorator putting things together for me. His name is Robert and he's THE BEST!!
(Ok, so he's not actually an interior decorator, he's there to observe so he can gain hours to apply for the PTA program but I had to put him to good use. He was getting sleepy and we can't let THAT happen.)

We'll just call him my Intern.

Anywhoooo...Lissa is getting jealous because I have help and she's looking to recruit Roque to help her. Roque has already volunteered to dress as Cupid to help her cause.
Thanks Roque, now when I think about Cupid, I get this image in my head:

Go right ahead, Lissa!

Don't make me turn Robert into a Cupid also.
Two can play that game!
This could mean W-A-R!

Tomorrow I will post a pic of HER office, Yeah, she has hanging decor but that don't mean NUTHIN!!

Like I said. It's ON!

I was just about to end this post and make it public for you guys but something happened.

As I was typing away and twirling my neck all ghetto-like while I listen to Throwback Jams on the Music Choice channel, a Tevin Campbell song came on. I was like, "Oh hell yeah!" I love me some Tevin Campbell, especially back in the day when he and I were the same age and I was CRUSHIN on him and I would pretend he was singing to me and that we were gonna get married and grow old together.
As the years went on...I sometimes still fascinated about that. (but don't tell nobody)

Anyway, I'm jammin to his song "Goodbye" and semi-dreaming of those long lost fantasies.
Now, anyone who's listened to or seen the Music Choice channels, you know they flash pics of the artist throughout their songs, right? Right.

So I'm glancing up periodically and looking at the pics of my past love. He was so HAWT back then. I was so infatuated with him and his music.
Yeah, granted, these are pics from WAAY back but he's still so cute!
As the pics went on he's getting more and more sophisticated and intellectual looking as he ages.

OK, Wait....

What is this?

What just happened there?

Did everyone just see that?

It looked like a small psychotic break happened to the poor guy. I don't understand, what happened to his boyish good looks and his trendy back-in-da-day hairstyles?



Say it isn't SO!

I'm afraid he's exploded into full on driving the white van with tinted windows around the elementary schools..trolling for the kiddies.

(What's that high pitched sound?)

Oh wait, that's ME wincing in horror.

Goodness people. It took all of my might to unclench myself from my oldest, Dom, who was sitting next to me covering his eyes and looking away.

I used to love you, Tevin, but I see what has happened to you as I have married and moved on. I couldn't wait around any longer.
(I'm hoping we never see each other again)

With that folks....I'm O-U-T!


honkeie2 said...

I used to love Lita Ford don't tell anyone, she is scary looking now

~Sheila~ said...

Yeah, unfortunately, some people don't age well.

Sassy Mama said...

I used to luuuuv him too! What happened????

la la la la la la la ahem ahem..I hope tomorrow will bring better you, better mee-e-e. I know that we'll show this world we've go more that we should beee-e-e. so you should never give up on your hopes and your dreeeea-e-eams. you gotta get up get out get into it get it on to be stroooong!

~Sheila~ said...

Ahhh, I used to love that song. I STILL love that song! Thanks for the serenade!!


honkeie2 said...

I love and hate seeing those shows like 'Where are They Now' it is always sad to see how our childhood memories have crashed and burned. Speaking of that I always wondered what happened to Webster?

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