Saturday, January 14, 2012

I've got some work to do...

Soooo..... I promised I would try to post more frequently. We all know how my promises play out. I'm gonna do my best this time....Uh,....I promise?

Okay, so I better not do the "promise" thing. I just gonna stick with...I'm gonna try. It's gotta be good enough.

If not..tough titties.

Okay, so I know that over the Christmas Holidays my body decided I was cold and self-insulated. It's not my fault. It wasn't my decision to gain these pounds. My body has a mind all it's own.

So, like I said, I am aware of this fact.

What I don't need is people pointing it out to me.

That's exactly what happened today. Who else is gonna come straight out and tell you about the extra weight you've packed on? Who else is gonna be so brutally honest to you about it? Who has no inhibitions when it comes to letting you know how you've been slacking in the hygiene, grooming, fashion or exercise departments?

Guess who...


That's right, she decided today that it was HER job to let me know that I was "GELLIN".
Yeah, folks, and she's not talking about Dr Scholl's ...

And she definitely wasn't looking at my feet.

I'm feeling the love.

Thanks MA!

Guess I'm gonna have to head to Wal-Mart today to get a new scale.

Now, if you've read the past posts when I was dieting (many, many moons ago..) then you know I HAD a scale. I liked it to cause it Lied to me and made me think I was thin.
My scale has met an untimely demise.

One of my cats peed on it.

Yup, you read that right.

I said PEED.

I've had lots of animals throughout the years and they've all done some quirky things but this cat is new. Her name is Princess.


She's peed on my bed, peed and pooped on any article of clothing left on the floor, pooped on the dustpan that was in the kitchen floor and even went so far as to poop in the cat food bowl in the restroom.
But now my poor scale was the victim this time.


I do believe she may have some serious problems. I put the cats out so they can do their business but It's like she holds her urine and poop until she's let back in the house.

Looks like I got some serious training to do...

If I can't get this problem under control, there's gonna be a situation.

I'm just sayin...


honkeie2 said...

Haha we are in the same boat but I don't have cats but I have become soft and jelly like! I have started working out but it's been a half ass attempt. I need to go full ass now!

~Sheila~ said...

I think we should engage in a little friendly weight loss competition (again). It worked out well for me!

Sassy Mama said...

Let me join the competition too! I have been packing the lbs on too. But no quick gimmicks..weight watchers is the way to go. Slow and steady. Btw there is a training video to get the cat to use the bowl!

~Sheila~ said...

Alright, you send me the training video for the cat and I will watch your weight! lol

honkeie2 said...

Ok you are on...let the game begin!I am going to post a picture of my weight every Wednesday, so no one can say I am cheating. Nothing like public humiliation to get one motivated

~Sheila~ said...

I don't know if you remember but I used to do that in all of my previous posts and I was trying to get you to participate. I still need to go buy a scale but I'm gonna do it!


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