Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nothing I hate worse than...

Getting ready to prop my happy ass down on the toilet seat and it's...


Trust me.

Women, you know what I'm talking about, right?!

When you are in a mad rush to use the restroom and you are already unbuttoning and unzipping your pants during the mad sprint to the restroom in order to make it to the toilet in adequate time to aim the pee in the toilet and then, to your surprise... almost fall in.

That feeling of you almost falling in and that unbalanced dance that we do before our asses touch the water cold ass water that sends shivers up (and down) our spine. That crazy kick-your-legs in the air toilet dance that we do.

C' know what I mean..

Well, maybe not you, me.

I almost fell in.

Trust me, it's worse when you've been drinking, Dammit!!

I'm out-numbered.

I'm living in a household of 3 men and 2 women (so to speak).
This means that I can fully rely on one (1) person to actually keep the toilet lid down. Miah.
Other than that, me (and my Miah) are on our own.

We have to join forces and set up reminder arguments to tell the "boys" of the house that they need to put the toilet seat down.

We have to join forces, people.
(and by "people" I mean, "women").

Stop letting our asses touch that nasty ass water!

This has been a Public Service Announcement from "Your's Truly".