Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacation Over...

The vacation we took has come and gone. It was short. Like 4 days short. I feel like they flew right by after I blinked 4 times. We all had a great time. Especially the kids.

Here is our "base camp" on the beach. I know that every time we go we have a base camp where Angel sets up the canopy and has everything laid out for us. He's lounging there already.

Dom is just being silly. He's getting sooo big.

I tweeted that Angel is planning on bringing home our dinner (fish) so he was at it every chance he could get.

Devyn seemed to be the one who made the most progress with catching fish.

Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough fish to fill us up or even to go around.

Here is a pic of our "cottage" from the outside. Notice Angel's poles leaning against it? He never goes anywhere without them. If only they produced more fish than what they cost, maybe we'd break even.

Now, just because we're on vacation, it doesn't mean that the kids aren't going to continue to clean like they do at home.

Miah was a little upset because Devyn just isn't an expert on folding blankets. He ended up with the rounded edges part and she had the cornered edges.

She quickly saw that he didn't know what he was doing and made him switch sides with her. She's always been a pro when it came to folding blankets, towels and making up her bed. Even when she was very little.

I don't know why the boys never grasped the concept of a nice made-up bed. Miah and I totally get it!

Now, If you know me at know we won't make it far without Snow cone/Raspa stands along the way. Naturally, we had to pay $3 dollars each for a medium here in "vacation land" but back home...$3 buys you a JUMBO.
We're getting ours back home from now on.

If you are in need of an emergency (and I mean the #1 or #2 kind) you can always come into the beach outhouses.

Angel was fishing on the pier with the kids on the last day we were there. As I was driving home ahead of him I get a text from him telling me he lost his wallet. (GO FIGURE!)
Guess where it was? the Pier.

If only I could stay on vacation FOREVER*!

I don't know when our next vacation will be but I'm already looking forward to it. For now, it's back to the grind of everyday life (and getting the kids settled in school..ugh).

* Of course, that would mean I would need to have a little hut built NEAR the beach because I can't afford to pay each night where we stayed and continue to feed the children.


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

again i say, why can't i come hang with yall?...that shit seems like fun. yall all got a cottage and shit. look at yall, trying to be bougie.

as for the guys making up the bed. it's in the male dna not to be able to make up beds correctly. we can pull the sheets back. we can throw the comforter on. but we can not make those sharp corners for nothing. my bed looks great till you pull back the comforter and see the top sheet isn't even pulled up to the top of the bed. it's the presentation that matters, right?

Mom Taxi Julie said...

You aren't supposed to clean on vacation, it's job security for the maids!

Danielle said...

man u got me wanting to plan a vacation. hanevt had one in years;


ya blog is dope.imma follow.plz do the same for me

Erin The Great said...

Vacations are awesome! I'm glad you guys had fun! Sorry I've been MIA lately.

~Sheila~ said...

You can come and hang out with us when we head out for fun anytime. Of course you may have to share a sleeping bag with Devyn because the 2 shortest people have to pair up together. You know...the buddy

I am a freak when it comes to my bed being neat. I have a rule that the last person out of my bed has to make it up and it better be made up RIGHT. This rule also applies to Angel.

The cottage I rented didn't have room service. It's a beach cottage and they only supply clean towels. Besides, I like for my kids to know that we aren't going to be sitting around doing nothing.

Go girl, take a vacation (and turn on your comments)

Thanks man, I will do the same!

Erin The Great:
Hey girlie. Where ya been? I'll be over to your blog soon!

honkeie2 said...

Mine is over ass well and I know all about cleaning on vacation. its a rental and I wanted my deposit back lol.
And why do beach out houses always smell like sex?