Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The weekend was HELLA long!!

Ok. First...

I have tons of pics so this post might be pretty long....Sorry.

I'm already tired of celebrating.

There was a little unnecessary drama because my best friend Jenn was here this weekend and we all know how my sister is about her. (well, maybe you don't but HERE is an idea of what would have happened...again).

It got worked out (almost) but then it was just blowing up and getting out of control.

She was threatening not to come to Dom's party on Saturday but that really got the rest of the family a little upset.

She came. Jenn was here. There was mild tension but we got through the day.


We had Dom's party early Saturday. Unfortunately, none of the friends he invited showed up. That's ok. He had all of his family there. It was great. He got a couple of new shirts and some money.

Here is my sister with my nephew, my mom, my dad, my brother with my niece and Devyn

Here I am with Jenn and my SIL. Lord knows what we were laughing about!!
Here I am with Miah.

And me again with the Birthday Boy!

One thing that kept happening that had us cracking up all night.......people kept getting locked in the bathroom (see, I said "bathroom" instead of "restroom" ACE!!) . I don't know what was going on. You just have to turn the knob to the right after you unlock it but everyone seems to want to turn it to the left. We were kind of cruel about it too. We would wait until people went in and time them to see how long it took them to finally get out. We counted 5 minutes after we heard the first doorknob rattle when someone was trying to get out....hee hee.

Of course, this was AFTER we found out that people were getting stuck in the bathroom.

Then after everyone left my brother decided to play a joke of his own on his wife.

The kids stayed up late. I believe Devyn crashed out on the couch. Dom made it back to his bed. Miah was in hers. Everyone had a good time.


We all got up early to take all of the kids to the beach. They had their easter there. It was sooo much fun. It was a beautiful day. The kids had a wonderful time spending it with all of their cousins.

Dom with his basket. He put the pineapple in there (He and I love the TV series PSYCH).

My nephew, Aiden.

The girls!!

My niece!

All of the kids with their baskets!

The kids still didn't have school so we all just chilled at home. It was a busy weekend and we were all pooped.
Then we find out it was my husband's grandfather's birthday so we went to my uncle's house to have a little celebration there too.

Devyn had a game again and this time he hit a home-run and brought in two other runners. My brother didn't get to see this game but it was definitely the best one yet. Devyn is getting so much better at these sports. We're loving it. Even at the end of the night, Devyn told me, "I had a great game."

They won the game 16-9
Yeah, he did.

Today, I was supposed to be working but the ONE patient I have today is out of town so I'm off the hook. We are going to celebrate my niece's 2 yr. old birthday AND my brother and SIL's anniversary.

SEE...the partying isn't even over yet!!

Tomorrow and Thursday, my brother and SIL and I will be going to New Braunfels to visit some of our friends from high school AND scope out a potential residence because they will be moving here to Texas in about 4 years.

Devyn has another game on Thursday.

Friday, my brother and SIL will be heading back to New York and life as we know it will be returned to normal (or as normal as it originally was).

I hope everyone had a great Easter!!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

That bathroom video is just mean lol.

WTG on the home run and the 2 RBI's!!

I think the party on Saturday just wasn't a good idea! Melissa had a couple kids show up but I drove 2 of them there!

~Sheila~ said...

We had a good little laugh about that video.
Devyn keeps getting better and better.
Sat. must not have been good party're right.
It's never the same if you have to go get the kids for the party, huh?

Justa Hillbilly said...

LOL @ the vid, that was good! heh

I'm enjoying the ins and outs of your world, you hold it together amazingly well...with or without the meds! lol Thanks for sharin with us. :)

The pic I like best is of the Birthday Boy and You...That's a nice picture, you should frame it. :)

Take care,

Nick James said...

Miss ya, party animal!


Sounds like you had a chain of eventful days, but that is awesome. I'm glad you are doing great!

Knittingloca said...

Sheila I love your blog! Glad to have found it. THe bathroom joke - too funny! I love that! I enjoyed looking at all the pics. Do you mind if I link you from mine???
: )

~Sheila~ said...

Justa Hillbilly:
Truthfully, I am totally exhausted mentally and Physically. I will have a chance to make up for it in the coming days.
I'm procrastinating on finding a Dr. to prescribe meds for me. That's just another series of events I want to avoid right now.

I might take your advice and frame that pic. Thanks.

Miss you too. You've been very busy also. I hope you are taking time to relax and enjoy yourself too.

Well, HEY GIRLIE! I didn't know you were on here. That's awesome!
Go right ahead and link if you like. I'll do the same.
My oldest, Dom, has a blog too. It's on the right side of my page.